Grow like the pros

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How will you know if you’ve created the right environment for a great harvest? Your five senses can only tell you so much.

AROYA GO puts the same sensors and software used by the world’s most successful farms into the hands (and the tents) of anyone with a passion for indoor cultivation.

You’re in control now. Start steering.

Get the high points...

Air temperature Air temperature
Relative humidity Relative humidity
Vapor pressure deficit Vapor pressure deficit
CO2 Levels CO2 Levels
Substrate temperature Substrate temperature
Substrate moisture Substrate moisture
Electrical conductivity Electrical conductivity
Volumetric water Volumetric water content

and the low down.

Get the high points..
Get the high points...

AROYA GO collects and organizes all of the atmospheric and substrate data you’ll need to guide your grow to a mind-melting harvest. Automatically.

The babysitter has arrived. You’re free to leave. AROYA GO’s sensors take readings every three minutes, 24/7.

Automatic transmission. AROYA GO’s sensors wirelessly transmit every data point they collect, without prompting from you or complicated data logging devices.

See Mary grow.

With AROYA GO, hard data reads like a picture book.

Cloud computing organizes your new data library into dashboards that are simple to interpret and act on – whether you’re a budding novice or a seasoned pro.

Where you steer? That’s up to you.

Precision powers decision

High-stakes decisions call for high quality data.

What do university researchers, NASA scientists, and top-shelf
craft cultivators have in common? These sensors.

Pinpoint accuracy

Legendary among scientists for precision and accuracy, these sensors ship pre-calibrated and locked-in for the long term.

Impressive range

Measure the full range of cultivation scenarios with room to spare.

High resolution

Record temperature down to ±0.5˚C, electrical conductivity down to 0.001 dS/m, and more.

Cultivating success for some of the industry’s best:


“We have insights into how different strains perform. One thing that was really key for us was to be able to figure out what each strain wants and react to it in real-time.

Randy Wintle,
Facility Director & Owner, Kalikori


Look back. Learn lots.  With 60 days of historical data stored in the platform, it’s easy to remember and replicate your most effective cultivation techniques, harvest after harvest.


The past, at your fingertips. Your data is stored for 60 days in the AROYA platform on a rolling basis, so it’s always accessible on your phone or computer.


Troubleshoot, no trouble. Historic dashboards help you pinpoint where things went wrong (or right) so you can steer your present toward a better future.

Get Going

Simple to set up.
Easy to use.

Research-grade sensors that don’t require a PhD to operate.

Set up AROYA GO in minutes. The sensors instantly and automatically link to one another and start syncing. Efficient hardware design keeps cables to a minimum with batteries that last years (yes, really) and power-over-ethernet.

Sensor placement is simple, no matter the size of your grow space or makeup of your substrate. Sensors auto-link when placed within 50 feet. Once they’re placed, you’re good to go. No need to adjust, clean, or recharge.

Failure is not
an option.

AROYA GO includes features to help you protect your plants’ (and your data’s) wellbeing, even if something goes wrong.


Reliable, durable design. AROYA GO climate sensors were created by the same engineers that designed the sensors the National Weather Service trusts in the world’s harshest climates.

Never miss a thing. Even if your internet fails, AROYA GO won’t. GO stores your data locally until you reconnect, then syncs the backlog.

Meet the sensors

legend, reinvented.

The new TEROS ONE takes the industry’s favorite substrate sensor to the next level. The patented new sensor design produces data 9x more precise than other sensors, syncs data wirelessly, requires no maintenance, and boasts a 5+ year battery life.


More precise drybacks. When pushing for max quality and yield, cultivators often push EC levels into a range most sensors simply can’t read. Unlike most sensors, TEROS ONE collects precise, reliable EC data even at extreme salinities.

Calibrated for your substrate. TEROS ONE’s unique design was created specifically for a range of indoor substrates, so you don’t have to worry if your sensor and your grow media will play nice.

CLIMATE ONE: Built for hell,
adapted for heaven.

CLIMATE ONE is developed from the same climate stations trusted by NOAA and the US Weather Service in the world’s most hellish conditions. Re-engineered for indoor cultivation, this one small station delivers research-grade data for four critical cultivation metrics.


Vapor pressure deficit data you can trust. Precise VPD relies on accurate RH and temperature data. CLIMATE ONE has it all: precise climate data and research-vetted equations to do the math for you.

Breathe easy. CLIMATE ONE’s aspirated design continuously circulates air past internal sensors to collect representative data at all times – even under hot indoor grow lights, where other stations fail.

Grow your grow

Expansion packs
a punch.

Shop expansions


Scale up seamlessly. Add additional climate stations and as many as eight additional TEROS ONE sensors. Need more? Link up canopy light sensors and in-pipe EC sensors. Still not done? Upgrade to AROYA CORE with no break in service or data collection.

Forget about
forgetting to water.

Automate it. Link an OpenSprinkler controller to your AROYA GO system and develop a stress-free irrigation schedule that works for you and your crop. You’re free to vacation with no fear that the canna-babysitter will kill your crop.


But wait, there’s more. And more, and more…

Real-time data sync. View your data in the app as it happens. No processing lag or delay.

Custom alerts. Need reminders to trim, tweak, or irrigate? Want to know if temps get too high? Alerts have you covered.

Mobile access. Watch your grow from afar on iPhone or Android with the AROYA mobile app.

In-platform notes. Keep track of your cultivation roadmap, store ideas, and record insights – all within the platform.

Upload photos. Make visual comparisons between harvests or strains by adding photos to your notes.

Always improving. We regularly update and improve AROYA software. There are always new features on the horizon.

Which is best for you?




For Individuals and Starter Grows


For Commercial Growers

Recommended Facility Size n/a Up to 1,500 sq. ft. > 1,500 sq. ft
24/7 Remote Monitoring
Web App
Mobile App (iOS/Android)
Realtime & Historical
Alerts & Notifications
Multi-Facility & MSO
Scalable Wireless Mesh
Sensor Network
Substrate monitoring
(VWC, EC, Temp)
Atmospheric monitoring
(VPD, RH, CO2, Temp)
Light Monitoring
(Intensity, DLI)
High-Precision Industrial
Sensors (TEROS ONE,
Manual Readings n/a
Grow Journal
Grow OpenSprinkler
Irrigation Schedule Management
Cultivation Resource Center
Substrate Sensors 1 Up to 10 Unlimited
Climate Stations Up to 5 Unlimited
Historical Data n/a 60 days Unlimited
Users n/a 3 Unlimited
Crop Steering (Relative & Absolute)
Substrate-Specific Calibration
(Stone wool, Coco Coir etc.)
Harvest & Cultivar Analytics
Batch Management
Cultivar Inventory Management
Task & Team Management
Team Collaboration
Integrated Pest Management
Cultivar Run Recipes
Irrigation & Recipe Templates
Integration with 3rd-party
Grow Controls
(e.g. Rhythm, Agrowtek, Priva)
Bi-directional METRC Integration
Integrated Harvest Workflow
with RFID Scanner
and Wireless Scale
CSV Exports
Advanced User Permissions
Priority Support
Dedicated Client
Success Managers
Agronomic Advice Optional
On-site Installation & Support
Licensing n/a 3-Year License Included Subscription Based on Scale
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How many sensors do I need?

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